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Mistaken Tunnel

March 14th, 2014

Once again, I get to bask in the glory of being wrong.

In my post to everyone on the Thinkwalks mailing list, twice, I said that a tunnel goes out to the Mile Rock Lighthouse.

I’ve learned I’m totally incorrect. It’s a sewer tunnel, not lighthouse access. I fabricated, without realizing it.

I feel 100% certain my contact at DPW told me that it goes to Mile Rock, which I may have assumed meant Mile Rock Lighthouse. I should always research more before sending to my audience, silly me. I was feeling rash [...]

Thinkwalks 2014 • Catalog

March 1st, 2014

A Thinkwalks group exploring historic water routes takes a break beside the Duboce Park Cafe. As it happens, that’s right where the most important spring in San Francisco’s history was located.

Here’s our first ever Catalog of Thinkwalks! Many of these walks will be scheduled as public events on our Calendar shortly. To get an announcement when the Calendar is completed, sign up for our mailing list. Custom Thinkwalks are also available, based on these, or adapted to fit your topics and needs.

Mission District Water Walking
Length:    3 hr.  Wander along [...]


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