Shaping SF tours are rich with analysis

by Joel Pomerantz

June 14th, 2010

Chris Carlsson, who leads the bike tours for Shaping SF, is one well-read guy. He understands so many of the specifics about work-related politics. His ideas were formed from reading books that were written back when labor organizer was a radical term. And it seems he’s read everything published since then.

On a Shaping SF tour, I’ve learned such dramatic little morsels as where the co-op food movement came from and disappeared to, where the dirt came from that filled in Mission Bay, and why the Marin Headlands weren’t developed into urban and suburban tracts.

I’ve worked with Chris on a few projects, including books (The Political Edge, Critical Mass: Bicycling’s Defiant Celebration) and Found SF, the create-it-ourselves peoples’ history of San Francisco. I’m glad to announce that Chris and I have agreed to collaborate on tour planning and promotion.

From now on, I’ll have some of Chris’s Shaping SF bike tours in my calendar. Consider attending one. I thought they were great. Chris collects donations at the start. I collect at the end. Make of it what you will!

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