Mistaken Tunnel

by Joel Pomerantz

March 14th, 2014

Here’s an image of the lighthouse back when it was more interesting. [only visible in full article]

Once again, I get to bask in the glory of being wrong.

In my post to everyone on the Thinkwalks mailing list, twice, I said that a tunnel goes out to the Mile Rock Lighthouse.

I’ve learned I’m totally incorrect. It’s a sewer tunnel, not lighthouse access. I fabricated, without realizing it.

I feel 100% certain my contact at DPW told me that it goes to Mile Rock, which I may have assumed meant Mile Rock Lighthouse. I should always research more before sending to my audience, silly me. I was feeling rash and excited. And I misinterpreted, for sure. Mile Rock Beach, not Mile Rock, is the destination of that tunnel. I don’t know where I got the part about lighthouse access in storms. My brain hurts in a fun way.

[Next Day UPDATE] Turns out it’s also a chance to test the shape and speed of the rumor mill…

And an amazing speed it has! Whispers of the tunnel under the sea have already reached the far-off land of Marin County, where it’s rumored that the tunnel actually continues, hidden, through familiar hills right under the noses of local residents. Rash news reports also mention a continuation to the south, crossing the Mexican border! Rumors sure do fly.

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One Comment to “Mistaken Tunnel”

  1. Danny G says:

    If being wrong is wrong, I don’t want you to be right. Especially if being wrong means I get to read things like that fascinating article you linked to. Thanks!

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