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Launched August 31, 2012

The Thinkwalks Know What city guides are available by direct $1.99 purchase. You can buy them separately, or buy one as an in-app purchase from the other app. (The advantage of in-app purchase: all the locations will appear in one app and on one map. For instructions to do this, see below.)

Everything Explained & Local Nerd!

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Everyone’s rushing to get theirs and become knowledgious & edumacated!

“It’s surprising I’ve lived here this long and didn’t know about that! And that! And that!,” they exclaim.

163 locations described in 128 different micro-exploration essays, viewable as a list or mapped based on your location.

Each app has about 80 locations mapped and described deeply (and succinctly in ~200 words).

The Everything Explained app is for newcomers, visitors and the uninitiated. It tells about things like the Freeway Revolt, why we know it’s really John Lennon’s signature, secret views, Rosie the Riveter, the truth about Lillie Coit and other debunkings of common SF myths and mis-remembered landmarks.

When you’ve graduated from Everything Explained, the deeper Thinkwalks app is Local Nerd! for all you SF Deep Dynamics* addicts. This app will satisfy your craving to know how the Panama Canal affected the growth of SF, how rebar concrete developed here, hidden springs, cemeteries, altered landforms, and a handful of resource locations for DIY projects.

*The irony of my usual habit of calling Thinkwalks info Deep Facts is that I don’t even believe life can be distilled as facts. More accurate: Deep SF Dynamics. But you can tell by my cape and the feather in my hat that I’m a marketeer! I know that promising facts is like promising candy, even if I only deliver hearty full meals. Turns out YOU like a nutritious meal of information…and that’s what keeps you coming back for more. — Joel

Recommended method for combining the two apps

To see the two apps as one, follow these steps:

1. Buy the app called Everything Explained. It costs $1.99 and comes with dozens of locations to explore.

It will show up on your phone as an icon called SF Explained. If you love it and want the second app (Local Nerd! for locals who are well-versed in SF stuff) then continue with these steps:

2. Open the SF Explained app, as you would when using it.
3. In the app, choose the option “Add More Places”.
4. Choose the selection called Local Nerd!

This will get you the full content of the Local Nerd! app without creating a separate app icon. This way all your Thinkwalks content is in the one icon call SF Explained.

If you purchase the two apps in the reverse order, Local Nerd! first, then the Local Nerd! icon will contain all the content.

I always like to suggest this “Add More Places” method of purchase because it means you will be able to look at the map in the app and see all the locations I’ve written about, without checking in two separate apps.

If you purchase each app separately, without using the “Add More Places” feature (a.k.a. “in-app purchase”) then your phone will show two apps, one called SF Explained and the other called Local Nerd!

Full List of Locations

Everything Explained contains 62 tasty little blurbs about 75 spots in San Francisco with amazing explanations of how things you take for granted came to be the way they are.

Source for the First Mission Bikes for Everyday Transportation John Lennon in Cement
SF’s Mural Trend Started Here Prostitutes & Fortune Cookies Diary of a Generation
Modern Cultural Invention Sloppy, Painty, DIY Secret Ocean View
Mainstreaming Gay Culture Urban Wild Megafauna Septagonal Port
Homage to a Firefighter In a Land of Crookedness Take This and Stuff It
Justice Doesn’t Trickle Rigo’s Polygraph Mural Politics + Art
Karl Smiles Upon You Ready for a Jolt Steady as a Rock
Venetian Gondolas Creeky Old Porn Fortress Salt Water on Fire
Fireboat Dock & Station All War All the Time Shameful Honors
Bring Beads & Feathers Bring Beer & Bike Murderer in Bronze
Inside Track Lost Souls Cavalier Climb
Grandiose Architecture Stopping the Car Culture Radical Publishing & Film
The Wheels of Power Nature Inspired Half Arted Hillside
Where Goes the Wind? Paddling Burning Man Shake, Crack & Crumble
Poor, Lost Mohandas Gay Military Mecca Mural-Graffiti Convergence
The Well-Washed Masses Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915 Sullied Nests
Radical Culture Stamped Out John McLaren & Jerry Garcia Bubonic Plague Lab
Haunting Sounds Remnant of a Lesbian Business District House of God No More, Or Is It?
Sun Yat Sen by Bufano Mona’s First Brush w/ Destiny Riveting View
Lots of Victorians Labyrinth Sourdough Protection Fence
Nihonmachi Toasted Museum Magnetic Shores


And after you’ve adored Everything Explained, get Local Nerd!, the Thinkwalks app for, well, you know, local nerds. It has 65 big fun wee-short articles about 88 out-of-the-way places and nerdy resources. They’ll make you exclaim:

“It’s surprising I’ve lived here this long and didn’t know about that! And that! And that!”


Rocky Ridge Munched Flat Giant Sundial Race-track A Concrete Accomplishment
Revolutionary Stone Kid Coffee and Views Water Arrives 1862
Near Death Experience Its Colors Destroyed It Highway to the Bridge
Fair Weather Fair Poor Godzila is Dead & Gone Learning How To Fall
Rehabbed Historic Trails L’ost in the Flood of History Erosion Moment on High
Library of Rubble Rusty Old Rock (Private) Watering Our Big Garden
Freeway Be(e) Gone Recycled Gravestones Carefree
Lockout Weired Name Relax in the Woods
Gilding the Hydrant Blowin’ in the Wind Denial Springs Eternal
On a Hill Under Market Street Real Books Triumph of A.D.D.
Street Tree Sampler Poly Tech Institute In the Wet, Hayesy Past
Red, White, Black & Blue Scrounge Turning Evil Into Goods
Compost is God ZooSeismoBotanical Train Set Incontinent Fountain
True Believers Newly Wet Valley Training in Property Geometry
Just Add Cow Anarchist Bookstore No Clothes. Sew What?
Giant Warehouse of Salvage Underappreciated Overview Pepper Pepper Pepper Cork
Hot & Naked at Bob’s Obliquely Orchestrated Opacity Organic Corner Market
Whittling Robots Get Some Exposure Simply Put, Humans Are Insane
Bruised Valentine Magnolia Water Flows Up Radical History in the Making
Fogged Out in the 3rd Inning Precious Milk Flooded with Bikes
Counterfeit Counterweight Living Wall Wheeling a House
Feeling Bookish? Art Above Sleazy Sixth Street Uninhibited Art Wall
Rocket elevators Free View Tree View

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