Mission District Water Walking
March 7, 2013 @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Front steps of Mission Dolores
300 Dolores Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
You decide $10 to $40 sliding scale
Joel at Thinkwalks

This Thinkwalks “Water Walking Tour” will explore the big picture with 3 miles of walking on flat ground, plus lots of stops for in-depth discussion.

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We’ll visit the locations of the three creeks that attracted (and confused) the Spanish settlers. We’ll explore the site of the original Dolores spring. And we’ll look into the myths about the founding of San Francisco, debunking where necessary.

Heard of Mission Creek, and want to know where it was? Hint: It wasn’t actually a creek!?

This Thinkwalks exploration will include:

  • 3 hour loop walk along 3 miles of urban streets
  • Fun, interesting discovery companions
  • Old Dolores Creek, New Dolores Creek, Mission Creek, Dolores Spring
  • Groundwater, well water, cisterns & reservoirs discussion
  • Sewer history, stormwater dynamics & the Great Flood of 1862

We’ll also look at the landforms, flumes, the politics of drinking water and global water supplies. This is a tour for both curious folks and unfettered fanatics.

group with Reservoir Street sign

Water walk discovering evidence of 1862 reservoir no longer located here by Market Street.

This Thinkwalks tour is the one that put us on the map—literally. We helped update the Water Department’s historic water map. Your Thinkwalks guide, Joel Pomerantz, was on the research team that recently proved the Mission was not founded on a freshwater lake. But serious waterways did flow in SF’s Mission District. Salt water mixed with sewage-polluted streams that flowed from freshwater hilltop springs.

Rain doesn’t necessarily cancel. Check here to see exact weather by the minute as it approaches!

Feel free to call if you have questions. Some of the sites we visit are described in the Thinkwalks iPhone apps.

If you can’t make this tour date, call or write and we’ll set up a water walk for the date (and neighborhood) you desire.


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