Harborview* Water History
February 11, 2019 @ 11:15 AM – 2:00 PM
Meet in courtyard of St. Mary of the Virgin Church
2325 Union Street
$20 to 40 suggested donation—you decide

Thinkwalks presents an exploration walk:

Harborview* Water History

*one of the many old names for the Cow Hollow–Marina area of town.

Is there anyplace creekier in San Francisco? Yes. But it happens there are some creeks still here—sort of.

Church yard

The courtyard sometimes overflows with unexpected gushes of spring water, but it’s usually tame and controlled, flowing from a spring box and metal pipe.

Most people who know a small bit of SF water history have heard of Washerwoman’s Lagoon. But that’s mostly because it had an evocative name. What about the four other unnamed lagoons alongside it? What about the creeks? Another one of the names this area once had was Spring Valley. That’s how creeky it was. Or at least springy. We’ll stop and see some springs flowing, and trace the dune line of ponds—or line of dune ponds, depending on your perspective.

Topics: Dune hydrology, bedrock springs, wetlands, old maps & pictures.

☆ RSVP required (where it says RSVP below…or just email me)
↪ Rain or shine
↪ Some hills! Some standing discussion, too, so you may get chilled if you forget your extra layers.
↪ Ending in Cow Hollow
↪ Maximum 12 people


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